Thursday, 7 February 2013

Writing Research Essays: Quick and Effective Guide

The progression of students from primary, to secondary, to higher education rendered changes in their assignments.  It may now require more resource materials as reference, or more word count.  Yet, the manner of meeting the growing demands in assignments remain to be essentially the same.

As a consequence, students need not rely on long, comprehensive guidelines to be able to compose a Research Essay – of higher education’s calibre.  Rather, they may stick to quick and effective guides that cover the fundamentals of the writing.

Consider the 4 guiding steps below: 

1)     Gather your research jewels
Before doing any actual Research Essay scribbling, you have for sure the raw data requirement.  Some students commit a common mistake by treating this raw data as the ‘answer.’  To avoid that, look again at the given question and at your raw data – does it look complete?  Most often it is not; the remaining work is for you to polish the raw data, and infuse it in a whole piece.
2)    Consider your readers in writing research essays
If it’s just your tutor, go ahead with the jargons.  Otherwise, look closely at the perspective by which you compose your piece.  Another testing ground is for you to read your piece as ‘you’ do, and read as “another” would.  If the latter angle of reading ensues some rough time, opt to revise your piece until it becomes reader-friendly.

3)     Don’t forget about the specified formats
Maybe, you had experience a loose following of formats in high school, but take none of that in higher education.  Moreover, prepare yourself for prescribing even to the littlest of details.

4)    Proofread before submissions
This is the golden rule for any type of submission.  But the best incentive in doing this are the bonus-marks you can get for producing an error-free Research Essay.
Perhaps, you think that you’re confident enough to write any coursework for any subject; yet, as semesters wore on, you’ll find it easy to forget basics.  Ironically, the greater the challenges involved in courseworks, the more reliance students will have to put on the basics of composition.